Hockey Hilarity: You Mean An Actual Real Live Person Runs the Flyers’ Twitter Account?

Image courtesy of Geeky Tyrant

Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players, media personnel, and broadcast botches. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more!

A small, but nevertheless, incredibly frustrating things about being a Philadelphia Flyers fan has to be that following a team (which has largely been representative of the city itself since the team’s inception back in 1967) that is brimming with personality, you kind of wish that the that the team’s Twitter account would follow suit sometimes and be personable.

The tweets are usually just “Hey, we’re doing this!” or “This is the score of the game now.” type of stuff. Really, supremely, incorrigibly boring. It might as well just have been an automated account… That is until this past week, of course. You see, whomever is tweeting on that account suddenly developed a pulse. And the catalyst, you ask? Well… The Columbus Blue Jackets. Because, why not?

As you well know, the Columbus Blue Jackets will be joining the Eastern Conference this year as part of what will now be called the Metropolitan Division. And the Blue Jackets, believe it or not, actually have one of the more entertaining accounts in recent history. For a couple years there, they were extremely self-deprecating and I loved every second of it, but I digress. They use social media in a really fun way and sent this, seemingly, innocuous tweet the Flyers’ way:

Then… Something happened that almost made me fall out of my chair:

Hopefully this marks a change in the history of the Flyers’ social media output, because if you look at the replies and the amount of retweets and favorites, I mean, jeez, maybe some of those 275,236 followers will have a reason to keep following other than to just keep up with the scores and scratches.

We’ll catch you next week as we inch, ever so slowly mind you, closer to the season here. LATER!