Is Manning No. 49?

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Numbering at 49 out of 50, Brandon Manning comes in tight to be signed as another defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers. As the team is allowed 50 contracts in total on their salary cap, some have questioned the team’s choosing of Manning for a one year two way deal.

At the age of 23 and under the Adirondack Phantoms, Manning scored 6 goals along with 15 assists within 65 games for the Phantoms.  While playing in the 2011-2012 AHL season, Manning was called up to the Flyer’s main roster to replace a then injured Pavel Kubina, a Czech player who subsequently went on to play for the Genève-Servette HC.

When it comes to PIMS, Manning has some stiff competition in the form of Adam Hall and Zac Rinaldo but only time will tell when and if he makes it off the rookie roster and on to the pro bench. Based on his performance, his potential for development and improvement could yield a big pay day, and would be like winning a major jackpot at for Manning.

Aside from the selection of another defenseman, which some have perceived as overkill, Manning’s tendency for taking penalties is renowned and thus his selection has left some wondering if he’s official ascension to the team can be seen as a liability or an asset. This is also why he’s been placed on the rookie camp roster as opposed to the pro team.  But ultimately this move was inevitable as Manning has been playing within the Flyer’s system for a few years now and aside from this, has also been active with the Adirondack Phantoms, serving as an alternate captain.

  • Casey

    Manning definitely has potential on and off the ice. He had a bit of a rough season but you could see glimpses of what he could be. He is also a smart guy, talking to him after the games he has good hockey smarts and knows how to mange being a pro athlete.