Five Questions 2013 Preseason: A KHL Darkhorse on the Horizon?

Flyers Faithful is pleased to have Dave Isaac from the Courier-Post, Matt Brigidi from SB Nation, David Strehle from The Fourth Period, Anthony Mingioni from Center Ice Philly, and our very own Steve Jacot participate in the current iteration of Five Questions. This is the third of a five-part series focusing on the 2013-2014 preseason. (Please keep in mind that these questions were answered last week, so some of our questions may already have been resolved by the team.)

Could there be a dark horse coming from the KHL to fill a last-minute roster spot?

Dave Isaac: That would be shocking. The team is already over the salary cap and would have been even further in the hole had Cleary signed with the team. They have a surplus of defensemen and plenty of internal candidates to fill the offensive side of the roster.

Matt Brigidi: Ilya Kovalchuk.

David Strehle: I do not see any KHLers coming to Philadelphia before the season opener, or at all, for that matter.

Anthony Mingioni: That’s highly unlikely at this point. As the season progresses and if injuries mount, then perhaps it something management broaches in conversation, but it’s far more likely they’ll fill roster spots with players like Petr Straka or Marcel Noebels as a scoring line option, Cousins, Akeson, or McGinn for top nine/checking line roles. Defensively, there’s Oliver Lauridsen, Mark Alt, Matt Konan, Brandon Manning, and Maxim Lamarche that would fill a needed spot well before the team examines KHL players.

Steve Jacot: Considering the Flyers’ history with guys from the KHL, I sure hope not.

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