Hockey Hilarity: Wait For It…

Image courtesy of Geeky Tyrant

Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players, media personnel, and broadcast botches. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more!

Morning everyone! Even though the Philadelphia Flyers lost their first game of the season, everyone’s gotta be pumped that hockey is back and started on time this year, right? Well, I mean, relatively on time.

These opening ceremonies are getting a little out of hand, and in Canada, there’s no question that it’s worse. Even the Toronto based @TheScore had something to say about the Montreal Canadiens‘ opening night festivities:

I mean hey, if the Flyers won the Cup, I’d be all for taking another half hour or longer to raise the banner and rub it in everyone’s face all over national television, but there’s no reason that fans should have to wait any longer considering how long we all waited last year for the first puck drop of the season.

The Flyers are actually slated to play the Habs tomorrow night in Montreal at 7:00 PM… or 7:30 or 8:00 or 8:30 or whenever they pretty much get around to dropping the puck I guess! Anyway next week I’ll find something funnier for you guys to read on your Friday morning.

Let’s go Flyers! See ya in a week!