Op/Ed: The Thrill is Gone

There was a time when the Flyers would keep fans on the edge of their seats, a time when the team could never be counted out because they would somehow find ways to come back and win. A time when fans expected the Flyers to win because they were a good team, not because it’s what we wanted.

That time is now over.

Even in brief, exciting periods of time throughout games, there is little to get excited for with this Flyers team. There is no cohesiveness. When the offense thrives, the defense struggles. Steve Mason has been terrific for the club, but thanks to his teammates, his record says otherwise. And even though there are glimpses of greatness here and there, nothing is sticking. The Flyers aren’t 3-8 because they’ve been playing good teams. They’re 3-8 because they’re a bad one.

In six of these first 11 games this season, the final score was decided by one goal. In two of those games, the Flyers won. These close scores were not due to strong play from both sides; they were due to the Flyers breaking down and being unable to hold onto a lead. This team has not played a full sixty minutes all season. It’s trite but it’s also the truth, and a big problem.

Now, I know that eleven games in an 82-game season is only a small sample size and maybe the Flyers will come out of this rut, maybe things will finally start to click and they can make a run towards the playoffs as the season goes on. But they have got to figure out a way to fix the problems.

We can blame Peter Laviolette, we can blame training camp, we can blame any number of things. But the bottom line is, the players themselves need to start playing like they want to win. Standing around watching the puck instead of getting involved in the action is not going to get them very far. And it’s not just the Rosehills that need improvement, it’s everyone up and down the ice and throughout the lineup.

If you look at this season as a throwaway year, you’ll probably be saving yourself some heartache. But if you’re hoping for a Stanley Cup run with this current team, the way things are now? I just hope you’re not holding your breath.