Flyers’ Slow Start May Be Due to Slow Defense

We all know how this season has been going for the Philadelphia Flyers and I can’t imagine any of their fans are happy about the way things are going so far, but at least the team has pulled up their socks a bit since their 1-7 record after the first 8 games.

Following the 3 losses at the start of the season, Laviolette was fired and then replaced by his assistant Berube. The change in head coach seems to be a good change for the Flyers so far, but fans can’t expect an immediate change, because sport is all about confidence and form. In Berube’s 7 games as the coach, the team has tasted victory three times and two of those wins were against division opponents.

One of the problems and, in my opinion, the biggest problem is the speed of the defensemen. The defense as a whole is just too old, and age is a problem in Ice Hockey when it comes to keeping up with the speed of the opposition’s forwards. In most of the Flyers’ games this season, they have conceded the majority of the goals against them during the 3rd period. This high concession rate in the 3rd period can only be caused by the lack of fitness in the defense. This lack of fitness leads to the defense losing speed as the game goes along. I think it is the duty of the management to see this problem and replace the defense with younger, faster defensemen who will have no problem keeping up with the opposition’s forwards for the entire game.

Despite the horrendous start, there is still hope for the Flyers, because not every player is having a bad season. Lecavalier has scored 4 goals and assisted in another 2 so far this season, which is better than any other forward on the Flyers’ roster, but Tye McGinn is also showing some potential, scoring 3 goals in the 4 games he has played this season. Goaltender Steve Mason is also holding his own with a 2.15 goal against average so far this season.

As a whole, some of the Flyers players are doing well, but the other players need to spend less time hoping to get lucky as if they are playing on slotmachines and more time focusing on improving their game. Flyers still have a chance of a good season and all we can do is hope that things start getting better and better.