Immediate change is inevitable, necessary

Image c/o Amy Irvin

Though I have not been very active on Flyers Faithful recently, long term readers know that I am a huge advocate of patience and letting players work through their issues.

Sadly, the Flyers are well beyond that point. They are in desperate need of sudden and drastic changes.

To use the buzzword of the moment, the “culture” within the locker room is a huge issue. Players lack confidence. The team views themselves as a group of losers. Worst of all, nobody has stepped up to take charge.

Against all of my innate instincts, I would like to advocate for changes that I normally would not.

For starters, it is time to strip Giroux of the C. We could argue all day whether or not it actually means anything. That’s moot. Giving the the captaincy to a veteran player — a move I have always preferred — sends a message to the entire team. It reestablishes a hierarchy, puts players on notice, and makes the team aware that no one is immune to punishment.

Additionally, a big trade must occur. On paper, the Flyers have the tools to be a successful team. They are deep at offense, have stable goaltending (for once) and a strong core of veteran leaders. They are missing two things though: a mobile defenseman who is not a liability, and a player from a successful team who can provide a fresh perspective and help change that culture.

Waiting for change to occur from within will only prolong the problem and, most likely, make it worse. Quick and decisive action is a must.

  • KW

    I totally agree. We need a leader to step forward and take charge. Or….get that person in a trade.

  • Jason Blackburn