Around the Net November 8 2013: Punchless Flyers lose again;It’s time to fire Paul Holmgren

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Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL.

Today’s Around the Net will be different. I only have a few links to share, then I will be adding my opinion to this mess known as the Flyers.

Outsider’s voice of reason

You might hate Ryan Lambert because he’s a douche, but he might be right on about this hockey team: [Puck Daddy-Ryan Lambert]

Hometown voice of doom

Marcus Hayes is no hockey genius, but he calls out Claude Giroux anyway: [ Hayes]

Blow it up

Sam Carchidi says it might be time to start over and I agree: [ Carchidi]

My take

It’s time to fire Paul Holmgren. He built this pile of overpaid, old defense men ( Timonen,Gill) and rugged forwards with zero scoring touch. There is no chemistry or heart on this team. Scott Hartnell should not be getting first line minutes. Kimmo Timonen is old and slow and is making $6 million dollars this year. The defense can’t skate the puck up the ice and the forwards can’t stay onsides. “Homer” has to go and Ron Hextall needs to start rebuilding this team NOW. Why wait? They aren’t winning a Stanley Cup this year the way they are currently constructed. What this team needs is a Mike Richards to lead them and a Jeff Carter to fill the net. They have neither. Move the Schenns, and Simmonds and whoever else you need to shake this roster up. Giroux is even expendable at this point. He isn’t the player he was even two years ago. I don’t know where the magic hands went or the vision, but he doesn’t have it right now. Maybe a shakeup around him will wake him up and the forwards can start shooting the puck on the net instead of trying to deke everyone. I don’t care if they win ugly, I just want them to win, period.

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That’s all for this week, join me next week for more links from around the web on the Flyers and the NHL.