Reactions to reactions

Image c/o Amy Irvin

There’s a lot of rumors and opinions going around regarding the Flyers right now and, well, to cut to the chase, I’m going to throw my hat into the ring too.

The idea that Giroux would in any way benefit from being stripped of the C for reasons similar to Lecavalier’s youthful inexperience is of course ludicrous.

-Ryan Lambert

Sure, Claude Giroux (24) is not as young as Vinny Lecavalier (20) was when he was stripped of his captaincy but there are other, legitimate reasons to remove the C from Giroux’s jersey.

Playing in a major market — especially one where the fans are more than willing to express their grievances — puts any player under pressure and, whether anyone would care to admit it or not, can have a psychological impact on a player.

There is no reason to put Giroux under such pressure when aged, calloused former captains like Lecavalier, Mark Streit and Kimmo Timonen can easily carry that weight without letting it impact them. On the bottom half of their careers, they have nothing to prove to anyone and can handle the pressure. Let Claude be Claude.

Just hours after announcing that the Flyers were in talks with Edmonton for Jordan Eberle, Tim Panaccio stated that the Flyers were actually interested in Ales Hemsky more likely to get Ales Hemsky. Hemsky is a 30-year-old winger who is an unrestricted free agent after this season. He’s injury prone, expensive, and does not solve the goal-scoring problem that the Flyers have.

On the other hand, Hemsky is a prototypical Paul Holmgren-esque acquisition. He’s a player with upside who could provide a spark to the top six or he could get injured. Hasn’t Steve Downie filled that role already, though?

I love Jesse Spector and think he was just trying to make a joke here but, for the first time in a long time, goaltending is not the problem.

Anthony Mingioni makes a valid point about why Wayne Simmonds and Scott Hartnell should not play on the same line. I would take it a step further and suggest that the Flyers consider the role to be redundant and one of them to be expendable. While it should be Hartnell on the move, his no-movement clause prevents that. It would not surprise me at all if Simmonds was traded at some point this season.

Holmgren seems like a guy who went to Vegas, got on a heater, and failed to recognize when it ended and just kept betting more and more chips.

-John Saquella

Just go ahead and read Saquella’s well-written rant. You should. Everyone should.

I tend to agree with Bill Meltzer here. While I loved Kevin Dineen as a player, he would not be put in a position to succeed here in Philadelphia right now. Additionally, the thought of hiring him here flies directly in the face of the idea of wanting a culture change and looking outside the organization for a coach.

I get the point Broad Street Hockey is trying to make but I kind of agree with Ed Snider here. The 2006-07 Flyers were a poorly constructed team full of AHLers that played as well as they could game in and game out. It hurt to see them lose but not to watch them play. It hurts to watch this current team play.