Flyperbole: Rumor Time with Wayne Simmonds, Luke Schenn, Braydon Coburn

Wayne Simmonds to the Oilers? Wait a second. (Photo by Steve Jacot / Flyers Faithful)

In the wake of the Max Talbot for Steve Downie trade, the rumor mill for the Flyers was working overtime. The team was losing and everyone expected Paul Holmgren to blow it all up. While it could certainly still happen, a lot of that talk has died down after the Flyers won 3 straight. That said, there’s still a lot going on.



Darren Dreger tweeted that the Flyers turned down three 2nd round picks from the Edmonton Oilers for defenseman Braydon Coburn at the 2013 NHL Draft. There’s three basic mindsets here:


  • Good, Braydon Coburn is a solid defenseman and a valuable player.

  • Three picks in the 2nd round of a deep draft is too high of a price to turn down for Braydon Coburn.

  • Coburn stinks and they should trade him for anything.


If anything, this shows how highly the Flyers value Braydon Coburn. It will be interesting to see if anything does come of this. As you’ll see below, there’s definitely something going on between the Flyers and Oilers.



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The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reported earlier this month that the Flyers are willing to deal anyone. Additionally, there was a report from Mark Spector that the Flyers are willing to deal anyone not named Claude Giroux or Steve Mason.

I wonder if anyone means ANYONE. Lead hot dog vendor? You’re on notice. Coatesy? Keep a suitcase packed at all times.

Obviously, things have changed since the team looks like it’s finally starting to click, but this is something to consider in case things go south again.



The aforementioned Spector report also stated that the Flyers and Oilers were trying to work out a trade involving Wayne Simmonds and possibly Luke Schenn. This unfortunately resulted in a fake Gord Miller Twitter account reporting a Simmonds trade for Ales Hemsky and a 2014 2nd round pick. It’s been speculated that Simmonds was made expendable when the Flyers traded for Steve Downie.

Since all of this went down, Wayne Simmonds has had some very impressive performances, specifically some great assists in the Senators and Penguins games. He’s fitting in perfectly slotted next to Vincent Lecavalier and Brayden Schenn.

Elliotte Friedman  did offer up this tidbits in his 30 Thoughts column:

“Amid the Wayne Simmonds to Edmonton rumours were similar reactions from execs. You can never, ever, predict what the Philadelphia Flyers will do. But trading Simmonds would be an unexpected move in the eyes of others.”



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Luke Schenn found himself in the rumor mill mainly due to his games as a healthy scratch. He’s back in the lineup now, along with Erik Gustafsson. You’d have to think that Holmgren would want at least a decent price for Big Schenn, considering what he gave up for him.

However, it doesn’t look like anyone particularly wants Luke Schenn, at least not for that kind of price. In fact, all the reasons stated for the Flyers wanting to get rid of him were all the complaints levied against him by Maple Leafs fans, like his lack of speed and puck handling skills. Crazy, right?



Guys guys guys guys guys! Nikolai Zherdev is a free agent. You know who could solve all of the Flyers scoring woes in one fell swoop? NIKOLAI ZHERDEV. Suuuure, he doesn’t back check, work well with others, or want to play in North America. Suuuure, he’s basically a locker room cancer. But so what!



Kris Versteeg (are we positive that his name isn’t actually Christopher Steeg???) was traded back to his old team, the Chicago Blackhawks along with Phillippe Lefebrve. They managed to escape the misery that is the Florida Panthers in exchange for Jimmy Hayes and Dylan Olsen.

Besides Versteeg disrupting the chemistry on the 2011-2012 team, how does this pertain to the Flyers? Well, this means that Florida is officially in selling mode. There’s another possible trade partner, and one to definitely keep an eye on. Clearly, a reverse Carcillo deal to acquire Scottie Upshall is in the works. CLEARLY. Can I possibly express the sarcasm on that last point any further?


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