Flyers Holiday Extravaganza Super Special

WRAP TRICK the album

Bring in the holidays with ‘The Philadelphia Flyers Present: WRAP TRICK: a Christmas Album!’ a collection of your favorite christmas songs sung by your favorite flyers!

With such classics as…

Baby, the Bench is Warm
by Rosehill and Fans

I really want to Play- Baby the bench is warm
Can I fight him any way – Baby the bench is warm
Something’s missing from this match – Been hoping you’d be scratched
There hasn’t been a fight – I’ll walk you to the press box tonight

The other goon will start to bury – Beautiful, don’t you worry
Giroux will be hit to the floor – He’ll dangle about and goal score
So really I’d better scurry – Beautiful, please don’t hurry
Maybe I’ll just open the bench door – Cheer while the NHL players score


Do They Know It’s 60 Minutes?
by Fan Aid

It’s hockeytime, there’s no need to be cognizant
At hockeytime, 2 periods we will dominate….
3 periods of play
Let them know it’s 60 minutes
3 periods of play

along with

Little Goalie Boy
by Mason and Emery

Save they told me no goal-goal-goal-goal-goals
A goalie tandem to see no goal-goal-goal-goal-goals
Our finest saves we bring no goal-goal-goal-goal-goals
no goal-goal-goal-goal-goals, no goal-goal-goal-goals

Goalies in Philly, can it be
Good save percentage, perhaps we’ll see
See the day of saves
See the day, when good goalies willIts a wonderful Flyers
Save a puck, save a puck again

Mediocre Hockey is Coming to Town
By Paul Holmgren

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Mediocre hockey is coming to town

and holiday favorites!

Hockey Wonderland
by Claude GIroux

Goal horns sound
Are you shrieking
In the slot
I’m triple deking
A beautiful sight
We’re scoring tonight
Skating in a Hockey wonderland

Happy Shootout (Game is Over)
by Wayne Simmonds

So this is the shootout
And what have you done
I shot it into the goalie’s pads
And the other team has won

So make the Flyers family a part of your family’s holiday tradition with “The Philadelphia Flyers Present: WRAP TRICK: a Christmas Album!”