Flyers Faithful Christmas List 2013

Photoshop by Geoff Mang

I asked the Flyers Faithful staff what they wanted for Christmas. All they got was some cheap lottery tickets and a few mints that I had lying around in my coat pockets. But, here’s their list anyway:


Marcello De Feo (Flyers Faithful Founder, Fan of Alliteration)

Back in 2010, when Flyers Faithful created its first Christmas wish list, I wanted nothing more than to see the healthy, triumphant return of Ian Laperriere. Three years later, I find myself wanting something similar.

It has been over two years since the last time Chris Pronger played a game and it remains improbable that he ever will play again. However, it is still possible that the symptoms from his injuries could subside to the point where he could lead a fulfilling hockey life that would include a significant role behind the bench.

As a fan of the player, the team, and the game, I think the hockey world is better off with Chris Pronger in it. The day that light, sound, and motion cease to affect him and he can rejoin the sport he dominated for so many years will be a good day for all of us.


Kevin Christmann (Former FF Managing Editor, now guy who just yells at me; Fairly reasonable and rational human being)

I just want everyone to do the “Let’s Go Flyers” chant properly.


Stephane Hardinger (Advanced Stats Guy, Bolg Contributer extraordinaire)

A #1 Defenseman:

The Flyers have been a frustrating, inconsistent team the past 2 seasons. The offense and goaltending have come and gone, and the wins are there some nights and conspicuously absent some other nights. But the one constant over this stretch has been the need for a #1 defenseman since Chris Pronger’s eye injury. Matt Carle’s departure a few months later and Kimmo Timonen’s impending retirement also bring to light the need for a puck moving defenseman has come to light as well. Erik Gustafsson and Mark Streit are lower-end solutions to the latter problem, but both issues still need a top flight solution if the Flyers want to become a Cup contender again. Both issues could be solved in one with a player like PK Subban, who is an RFA this offseason…are you listening, Santa?


Geoff Mang (Expert Nonsense Maker, Slave to a super intelligent child)

I’d like a Defensemen with kung-fu grip and puck moving ability, and an ice skating pony.


Nick Dobrowolski (Writer, Actor, Lover, aka Dobro Baggins)

For Christmas, I really want the Philadelphia Flyers to not acquire Max Pacioretty. I’ve heard a few people mention the Flyers being interested in the Montreal forward, and I want the Flyers to not trade for him. Don’t get me wrong: Pacioretty is a good player and he would fill a need for this team in that he can score goals. That’s something the Flyers have been inconsistent at doing over the course of this season. However, it doesn’t really help them move the puck up the ice from their own end that much because Pacioretty is not a minute-munching, top-tier, puck-moving, heavy-shot-having defenseman. That’s what the Flyers need in my humble opinion, so that’s what I want: to not trade for Max Pacioretty because he isn’t a defenseman that can move the puck.


Tom Zulewski (Resident Prospect Expert)

First off, a Stanley Cup victory in June, coupled with Ed Snider stepping down would be the ultimate Christmas gift, but I think that’s too much to ask for right now.

1. When Chris Pronger went down with his freakish eye injury in October of 2011, the Flyers franchise changed for the worst. They’re still feeling the effects of the Pronger injury to this day. So a franchise, puck moving defenseman tops my wish list. I have no idea how they will acquire one but somebody in the Shea Weber, Drew Doughty, Alex Pietrangelo mold would be perfect. Roland McKeown and Haydn Fleury could be those guys in the upcoming draft. However, Ryan Pilon in 2015 just maybe that guy.

2. With all due respect to Wayne Simmonds, in my opinion, he’s not an elite power forward in the NHL. The Flyers need to harness back to the days of John LeClair. The perfect guy for that is Milan Lucic. Love him or hate him, that guy was born to be a Flyer. (Just like he was born to be a Bruin). He can score, he can fight, he can hit, he’s a player opponents hate. Perfect for Philadelphia. Him running over Ryan Miller was awesome.

3. Patrick Kane. To this day I still think the NHL rigged the 2007 Draft. He should be a Flyer. Think about it. The Blackhawks were an afterthought. Home games were blacked out in Chicago. Nobody cared. The NHL wanted to save one of it’s original six franchises. The Flyers were the worst team in the league by far that year and we got stuck with and No. 2 pick and JVR. In comes Patrick Kane, and coupled with Jonathan Toews the Hawks have two Stanley Cup banners. One of those rings is courtesy of Michael Leighton’s shoddy goaltending. Anyway, Kane would bring the Flyers a true sniper and could you imagine him playing RW alongside Giroux?

4. Connor McDavid.

5. My final wish for the Flyers is for them to wear their Winter Classic jersey on a more regular basis. It’s such an awesome looking jersey that needs more exposure. The Flyers do have classic jerseys, but what’s stopping them from throwing on the Winter Classic threads on afternoon weekend games?


Erik Bond (Breaking News)

All I want from the Flyers for Christmas is:
1. A number one defenseman……but I’ll settle for a 1A
2. A black weekend/afternoon jersey
3. Matt Read’s Bauer Nexus stick
4. Claude Giroux’s APX2 gloves with the orange palms!


Dain Stiles (Atlantic Watch)

Two puck moving defensemen. A sniper for the 3rd line. Otherwise I think the Flyers are OK. Just don’t trade any prospects. Please. Especially defensive prospects.


Kyle Martin (Breaking News)

An apprenticeship for Paul Holmgren under Ken Holland. Some cap space. A Neal to Giroux’s Crosby. A trip to the fountain of youth for Timonen, Streit and Vinny. A mulligan on the JVR deal. Better beer choices at the Wells Fargo Center. For Morin, Cousins and Laughton to pan out. And no more concussions.


Craig Forsythe (Jack of all trades, Gambling addict)

I just want a puck moving defenseman.


Steve Jacot (Managing Editor, Idiot)

Hmmm, well, I want the Flyers to offer Steve Mason a modest 3 year contract instead of a monstrosity that will require a buyout after the next lockout. Oh, and I want Brayden Schenn to score consistently enough so that we can stop talking about trading him every 5 seconds! And some new boxing gloves for Ray Emery. He deserves them.


Merry Christmas to you and yours. And if you’re not into Christmas, enjoy National Chinese Food and Movie Day. I leave you with the greatest Christmas video ever, Santa Coatesy and Sergei “BOB” Bobrovsky.