Oilers vs. Americans (CHL)

A New Frontier: the CHL in Oklahoma

I’m fortunate enough to work at a school that gets two weeks off for Spring Break. Yes, two weeks. It works out really nicely because for one of those weeks, I’m feverishly catching up on grading and prep work and the second week can actually be a break. This year, I traveled. A friend of mine moved from Northern IL to Oklahoma last summer to take a position as professor at a small college. So me and a friend of mine (still in IL) drove down there to have some serious girl hang-out time. This professor friend of mine took …

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Goaltender in the Making

I went to a Rockford IceHogs game last Saturday (my third this season, which is pretty cool) and during the first intermission (much like at the Philadelphia Flyers’ games) they had kids playing hockey. I noticed that there were a few girls on the ice which made me happy. I don’t know much about women’s hockey, but I would definitely like to learn. The goalie for the side I was on was female. And yes, the kids don’t move too fast along the ice, but there were a couple of bounces on the almost goal in the last seconds and …

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Twitter: Flyers Fan Persecution Site

This is what I have to endure. Readers who are Flyers fans from elsewhere, you’ll understand. This first is from one of my students (name changed for obvious reasons). The second is my response.   @ecnewmanhockey *cough* 2-1 devils ???? — Student (@student) March 13, 2013   @student *cough* 5-2 Devils. Your point? — ecnewman (@ecnewmanhockey) March 13, 2013   Well, it does make me laugh because I didn’t get a response. Shut down.

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Moments of Awesome (in class with hockey)

Other than the constant ‘Hey, the Chicago Blackhawks are…” whatever their streak is now, I don’t get to talk much hockey in American Literature. I have two students, one a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and his twin is a Montreal Canadiens follower.  We chat sometimes, but they both give me grief about being a Philadelphia Flyers fan. Not that either of their current teams have so much to be pompous about, but I digress. When hockey does come up in class, I seriously do an internal little dance. For a moment or two, I don’t have to talk about Nathaniel …

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Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Philadelphia Flyers

I finally finished it. If you’re the type to keep track, I believe I started this sucker sometime this past August. Then we had that event that must not be named and the book got put to the side as I took a break from Flyers Faithful because for me, no Flyers to watch was a major block on my writing inspiration. But when I boarded the plane to go to Philadelphia on Valentine’s Day, I grabbed my Kindle and pulled it up because I was determined to finish it. So, here we go: The Good, The Bad, & The …