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Point/Counterpoint: NHL Draft 2012

Welcome to the newest edition of “Point/Counterpoint,” where a pair of Flyers Faithful scribes present both sides of one particular issue with their own unique view and flair. This week, Kevin C and Eden N are looking ahead toward the NHL draft and projecting what the Flyers should (and shouldn’t) do. Point from Eden N: DEFENSE The Flyers have a first round pick at #20, and while it’s not nearly as exciting as the #8 spot, it’s nothing to sneeze at.  I don’t claim to have even a sliver of the skills NHL scouts have accumulated over years evaluating talent across …


What to do when your team is done:

1. Pick a new team to watch for the remainder of the playoffs. 2. Cry 3. Reassure yourself that it’s a rebuilding year and they did damn well to get as far as they did. 4. Cry 5. Remind yourself that they beat their rivals. 6. Cry 7. Whine about the referees all through the playoffs. 8. Cry 9. Take a deep breath and pray the offseason isn’t as traumatic as the last one. 10. Buy some tissues. It’s okay to cry a little.

keep calm breathe


There are times that I’m convinced that I don’t take a breath for a few minutes. Those times are always playoff hockey games. I sit, usually with a pillow in a tight embrace, curled up in the fetal position. I’m so wired I wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep after the game if over. I’ve never been to a Lamaze class, but I’m pretty sure my deliberate breathing is similar. I stress more during these weeks than almost anything else in my life. I have to remind myself that it’s hockey. And should not, technically, affect my life. Whether win …

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Preview: Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide

(from Before you immediately roll your eyes because why on Earth would you (Flyers fan of many years), ever want to read something entitled: Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide, let me offer an explanation. How often do you get into conversations that come around to the other person saying something like, “I don’t watch hockey, I can’t follow the puck, I don’t understand it, It’s all fighting,” etc. and so on? And you probably argue or sigh heavily because why on earth do people not understand how awesome the game of hockey is? It’s a problem. And …

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Point/Counterpoint: Goaltending in the Playoffs

Welcome to another edition of Point/Counterpoint. This week, European correspondent Filip and I deal with a common, often overplayed issue: Goaltending. Point: Goalies are important in the Playoffs (Filip) A) You can’t win without an elite goaltender. Yes, there are some exceptions like Antti Niemi (or series like the just-completed Penguins-Flyers series) but nearly every team in the recent years (has) won with a good goalie and with a tight defense. Tim Thomas, Chris  Osgood, Jean-Sebastien Giguere – those are/were elite goalies who proved their star worth by being a significant factor in their teams winning the Cup. And remember …