WRAP TRICK the album

Flyers Holiday Extravaganza Super Special

Bring in the holidays with ‘The Philadelphia Flyers Present: WRAP TRICK: a Christmas Album!’ a collection of your favorite christmas songs sung by your favorite flyers! With such classics as… Baby, the Bench is Warm by Rosehill and Fans I really want to Play- Baby the bench is warm Can I fight him any way – Baby the bench is warm Something’s missing from this match – Been hoping you’d be scratched There hasn’t been a fight – I’ll walk you to the press box tonight The other goon will start to bury – Beautiful, don’t you worry Giroux will …

Photo courtesy www.aftonbladet.se

Goal Song in the Key of Flyers

It appears as if the Flyers have hired musical artist GirlTalk to create their new goal song. Or maybe the Flyers discovered a hidden track on the Beastie Boys’ album “Paul’s Boutique”. Or, perhaps, my wife wasn’t home, my son went to bed without a fuss and I had some free time on my hands. Whatever the case, the “song” below has been birthed into this world.


A Very Special Flyers Halloween Special

Claude Giroux and the Flyers were watching horror movies one night when a inter-dimensional vortex transported the Flyers into the land of horror and our most beloved horror movie characters entered our reality…   Goalies are…psychotic   The line from hell.     Playing like a possessed person.     The vamptain.