2011-12's Best Value Goaltender

Crashing the Crease: Statistical Deviants

When I started writing this week’s article, I had initially planned to try and give some insight into the pressures of goaltending and how a massive contract can impact a guy. I kind of veered left, though, as I looked for a way to quantify not just a goalie’s performance, but his overall value to the team. It may seem pretty straightforward, but to fully understand it, I felt that some simple metrics could be combined to give a better total insight. Using www.capgeek.com, I pulled the cap hits for the goalies with the top 25 cap hits for the 2012-2013 …

Leights reaches to cover a puck

Crashing the Crease: Killer Rebounds

Last week, Kevin took the time to evaluate Michael Leighton’s year in the AHL and to provide some insight into issues that we may expect to see with him.  One of the big issues I saw in watching the videos was what I’m going to call the “killer rebound.” In basic terms, this “killer rebound” is a first save gone wrong.  Horribly wrong.  The goalie makes the stop and, for a moment, feels a glimmer of satisfaction.  His pallor quickly reveals, though, that all is not right with this save. For one reason or another (i.e. a purely blocking save …


Crashing the Crease: The Book on Bryz

Ilya Bryzgalov was brought to Philadelphia to do the seemingly impossible: stop the “goaltending carousel” that has been the counterpoint to nearly every success the organization has had in the past two decades. Marked by dismal lows and remarkable highs, the first few games of the 2011-2012 season kicked off seemingly well, but rapidly started losing steam. These early-season struggles persisted and eventually culminated in Bryz’s announcement of his benching at the Winter Classic, much to the delight of the Flyers coaching staff. Goalies are notorious for being quirky and somewhat unsettling.  They are typically the kind of guy that …