Poll: Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?

With the Flyers opting (yes…opting…that was it) not to participate in this year’s playoffs, and after a great first night of playoff hockey last night, there are a lot of great storylines. Do you root for a team out West? A former Flyer? An underdog? Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup this year?

2013 NHL Playoffs

Flyers Faithful Staff Playoff Predictions

Whelp, it’s playoff time and unfortunately the Flyers are not participating this year. While some people may be able to temporarily adopt a team during the playoffs, others need more useless methods of fabricating fandom…such as predictions. So here we go! Marcello De Feo  This is a weird season and I expect the topsy turvy nature of the season to continue throughout the playoffs. Western Conference Chicago 3 Minnesota 4 Predators fans further lament the loss of Ryan Suter, who helps lead the Wild over the Blackhawks in a stunning upset until the draft comes around, the Preds draft a …

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NHL Fandom Survey: Flyers/Penguins best rivalry in the league; Penguins the most loved and hated franchise

A friend recently pointed out an extremely interesting survey he discovered on Reddit. The survey asked for feedback from NHL fans on how they felt about all of the other franchises throughout the league. For every franchise you could choose love, like, indifferent, dislike, or hate. This information was then aggregated in a number of interesting ways. The original survey can be found here; credit to reddit poster WoundedLeprechaun. The analysis was then provided by another poster TeroTheTerror. For anyone that wants the cliff notes version; with respect to the Flyers: 9th most “Loved” team 12th most “Loved” or “Liked” team …

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Trenton Titans to cease operations in 2013-2014

As first reported by Mike Ashmore of The Trentonian on Monday night, then confirmed via release on Tuesday afternoon, the Trenton Titans will be ceasing operations for the 2013-2014 season. After five seasons as the Trenton Devils, the team reverted back to their original name of the Trenton Titans for the 2011-12 season and once again became the ECHL affiliate for the Philadelphia Flyers.  It’s been a tough two seasons for the Titans as they managed a combined record of 53-73-18, while finishing dead last in their conference last season and 11th this past season. Ashmore conveys that financial struggles …


CBA Explained: the cap; 35-plus contracts; free agency; re-entry waivers; LTIR; NHL Entry Draft

While I believe I’ve covered most of the major changes in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in CBA Explained throughout this season, there are a few other points I wanted to touch on. Some of them are unchanged from the previous CBA, but are worth pointing out. They are all critical details in understanding how the league and its teams function. Wherever possible, I will link to my old CBA 101 articles for more detailed explanations of some of the old CBA’s stipulations that remain in place. From the CBA Summary of terms: The salary cap The 2013-2014 cap …