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Poll: What is your biggest concern about the Flyers at the moment?

With an 0-3 record to begin the year, there is a fair amount to potentially be worried about. The Flyers have managed only three goals for and eleven goals against in those three games. Both the power play and penalty kill have seen their struggles. Now, with Hartnell’s injury, (and Schenn’s suspension, in the short term), the depth will be tested. What is your biggest concern about the Flyers at the moment?

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When should we be concerned about Brayden Schenn?

<press panic button> I’m already preparing myself for the barrage of comments along the lines of “it’s way too early to come to that conclusion about a not even 22 year old, three games into his second season”. There is plenty of validity in that statement. I think a doubter might combat that with the idea that that is what a homer would say. It’s easy to dismiss mediocre or even poor play by playing the “young” card. During the Devils game, Ryan Bright tweeted the following, which sparked the question in my own head: At what point do the …


CBA Explained: Contract term limit, additional year expires upon reaching free agency

Prior to the expiration of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), I ran a column I called CBA 101. In it, I attempted to explain some of the more important nuances of the CBA as it relates to putting a team on the ice. Many (honestly, most), of those topics are still applicable today, so I would encourage you to check them out. People frequently ask me “why do you care about that stuff?” Well, the way I see it, this boring, legal verbiage directly effects the team that Paul Holmgren and other General Managers are able to put on …

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Game-day thread: 1/19 Penguins vs Flyers 3:00 PM

…and then there was hockey! Today the Flyers kick off the shortened 2012-2013 season at home versus the rivaled Pittsburgh Penguins. This will be one of four meetings between the two clubs during the modified 48 game schedule. The Flyers were 4-2 against the Penguins last season, going 2-1 on home ice. This year at Flyers Faithful we will be providing game-day threads for each game as a place where fans can provide their thoughts and insights in the comment section, and interact with other fans at the Flyers Faithful staff. Let’s open with a prediction, who’s your star of …

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Your Flyers FAQ guide to begin the season

Q: How long is the season? A: Just like in 1995, it’s a 48-game course beginning today, January 19, and lasting 99 days until April 27. Here’s the full schedule. Q: What is the format of the new schedule? A: “Teams will play 18 games within the division: four games (two home and two away) against two of the teams in the division, five games (three home and two away) against one team from the division and five games (two home and three away) against the remaining divisional opponent. To complete the 720-game schedule, Clubs will play three games against …