Movember Mania: Week 1 Update

We’re a little over a week into Movember, and the Flyers Faithful family has raised $90 so far in donations. Many thanks to all who have donated already, and if you’d like to donate or just check out our Movember page, you can do so here. Check out the progress the men of Flyers Faithful have made on their ‘staches so far. Marcello De Feo   Dain Stiles   Hal Greenblatt   Kevin Christmann   Steve Jacot   Nick Dobrowolski   Marc Siciliano   Kevin Appel   Justin Brennan   Lookin’ sharp, guys! (And only a little creepy so far.)

Now that's a fine mustache!

Movember Madness!

November 1st signifies a few different things: the 305th day of the year, Lyle Lovett’s birthday (!!!), the anniversary of Magellan’s discovery of the Strait of Magellan (can you tell I’ve been on Wikipedia?), and, of course, the start of “Movember.” Movember is a charity event held throughout the month of November, in which men sprout mustaches for the sake of raising awareness and money for men’s health issues, namely testicular and prostate cancer. The NHL has been an ally of the Movember movement since 2010, where players began to grow mustaches in support of the cause. It’s a prelude …

We know how you feel, buddy.

Another week, another blunder by the NHL

Well, the National Hockey League has done it again! On Wednesday morning, reports began to surface about the league allowing team management personnel to speak one-on-one to their players regarding the NHL’s latest offer in an attempt to sway them towards agreeing to it. This allowance comes after the owners and general managers were forbidden from speaking to their players, and were threatened with heavy fines if they were to do so — including a $1 million penalty for offering any thoughts about the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement mess. Think about this: back in September, Scott Hartnell held his charity …

Photo courtesy of latimes.com

NHL Manipulators (Mount Up!)

On Monday, Deadspin revealed that the National Hockey League had hired a PR team to lead focus groups with the intention of skewing the public’s image of the league and team owners in a positive direction. Now, the idea of a company employing this tactic isn’t anything new. Every organization wants to be painted in the best light possible, and would pay good money to make that happen. But that really isn’t the biggest issue that lies within this action taken by the league. The issue is, among others, that the NHL spent an arm and a leg for this …

Don't miss this studmuffin doing his thing with his hunky teammates!

La Tournée des Joueurs: A Dream for The Ladies

Ladies, if this NHL lockout is preventing you from seeing hot guys in hockey uniforms, do I have the thing for you: Max Talbot and Bruno Gervais’ La Tournee des Joueurs (The Players’ Tour), featuring the likes of Talbot, Carey Price, Kris Letang, Derrick Brassard, and the hottest hunk of all — Simon Gagne. Talbot and his BFF Gervais started this league to give back to the hockey fans in Quebec and allow them to see some of their favorite players playing, despite the lockout. But we all know the real reason the league was started — so as not …