Caption this: St. Laurent

I stole this image from Broad Street Hockey because I felt it deserved to be part of a caption contest. So, take your best shot. Comment below with your caption. I’ll go first and get the easy joke out of the way: “So, what does it mean again when I do this with my arms?”

So, it’s come to this

Tonight, Mike Richards felt obliged to apologize on Twitter for a hat he may or may not wear in the future. He said: Ok so today I was given a lot of nice hats from New Era. 3 phillies hats to go along with the other 3 I have but also some other teams. Apologize in advance for wearing the hats. I just like how they fit Richards, captain of the Flyers and a hockey hero in Philadelphia, had to feel uncomfortable about the prospect of wearing one of these hats if it moved him to publicly apologize in advance …

How did Zherdev play tonight?

Nikolay Zherdev saw his first postseason action as a Flyers tonight. He scored the game-winning goal and was named the first star of the game. He also only saw 8:14 of ice time. How do you think he played?

Boucher to start, Leighton to backup tonight

Sergei Bobrovsky fared poorly in his last start against the Buffalo Sabres, giving up three quick goals in seven shots. He looked shaky and unconfident. Bill Meltzer put it best when he said it was like Bob realized the enormity that is the postseason, and not in a good way. Still, he’s been known to bounce back from bad outings and is a better goalie on the road (.920 SV%, 2.51 GAA). After he was pulled from game 2, it was reasonable to think that he had a chance at starting the next game. Not so. This morning, Dave Isaac …