Happy seventh anniversary of “The Brawl”

It was seven years ago today, March 5, 2004. Rob Ray and Donald Brashear dropped the gloves, not knowing that they were in the process of making history. The Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators engaged in a brawl that resulted in 419 combined penalty minutes, the most in the history of any NHL game. 419 minutes, nearly seven full games of ice time. Happy seventh anniversary, Philadelphia and Ottawa. You will alway hold a special place in my heart.

Who would you trade: Carcillo or Shelley?

Broad Street Hockey wonders if the Flyers are looking to trade Dan Carcillo or Jody Shelley. When I asked Travis Hughes who he would trade, he said he wasn’t sure. My intention was to respond to him on Twitter but it is too complex of an issue to discuss in 140 character chunks. It has been said that Shelley is a great clubhouse leader and that is something that could be invaluable to the Flyers in the postseason. Carcillo has more scoring potential, is more versatile, and can be used up and down the lineup. However, one could make the …

Rod the Bod

Since we clearly never got around to giving Rod Brind’Amour the coverage he deserves, we offer to you, without comment, the following images:

Is Kris Versteeg a bad influence?

The Flyers’ newly acquired winger, Kris Versteeg may be a bad influence, according to Matthew Sekeres of The Globe and Mail. He had this to say when weighing in on yesterday’s trade: Having been around the Chicago Blackhawks in the last two postseasons, let’s just say there were worries about how winger Kris Versteeg spent his recreational time. Had one person tell me the Hawks viewed him as a potential bad influence on Patrick Kane, and that was before the duo posed for shirtless photos in the back of a limo following a night of partying at Vancouver’s Roxy nightclub. …

Justin Goldman dissects the goaltending situation in Philadelphia

Justin Goldman runs the site The Goalie Guild and is a goalie scout. You can also follow him on Twitter. He has written about goalies on a number of different sites over the last three years and has been working on different projects with Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley and former NHL goalie Steve Shields. He has a great skill for observing and critiquing goaltenders. Today, he shares great insights on Sergei Bobrovsky, Brian Boucher, and more . Is a playoff goaltending tandem of Brian Boucher and Sergei Bobrovsky strong enough to win the Stanley Cup? If the playoffs started …