What should the Flyers do with Bobrovsky?

Michael Leighton is injured and Sergei Bobrovsky as been our best goalie in the preseason. Bobrovsky has opened some eyes and shown that he should be able to play in the NHL. Is he ready, though? On one hand, he is not familiar with the all of the NHL rules, is still adjusting to playing in a smaller rink, and cannot communicate with his teammates. On the other hand, he’s quick, athletic, and the bottom line is that he can make saves. Feel free to leave a comment explaining your thoughts.

There’s no reason to panic

Since Michael Leighton was re-signed, both Flyers writers and fans worried about the team’s goaltending situation. Now that Michael Leighton has a back injury, people are once again concerned about the Flyers goalies. I don’t see much of a reason to worry. Perhaps GM Paul Holmgren is not being completely honest and, when Leighton is set to hit the ice again on Thursday, we’ll find out that he’s not ready yet. So it goes. When it comes to injuries, the comments of Holmgren, much like those of other people in his position, are intentionally vague and open-ended. Let’s not read …

The morning after: Flyers @ Wild 9.25.10

“The morning after” is a review of the previous night’s Flyers’ game which, in theory, provides a more objective perspective on the game. Braydon Coburn had another great game, tallying an assist and a few good scoring chances, including a smooth-skating coast-to-coast run in the third period. He finished the night a +2 and played 25 minutes. Sergei Bobrovksy — or Bodrovksy, if you’re from Minnesota — was stellar once again. The only crack in his armor was a lack of awareness that the delay of game penalty existed. Whoops. Erik Gustafsson is completely flying under the radar. He’s been …

The 2010-11 Flyers’ schedule

If you use iCal and are looking to download the ’11 Flyers’ schedule, feel free to do so here. Right now, the schedule has the game day, opponent, and time listed. At some point, if I have time, I’ll add in the television information as well. iCal File