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There are times that I’m convinced that I don’t take a breath for a few minutes. Those times are always playoff hockey games. I sit, usually with a pillow in a tight embrace, curled up in the fetal position. I’m so wired I wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep after the game if over. I’ve never been to a Lamaze class, but I’m pretty sure my deliberate breathing is similar. I stress more during these weeks than almost anything else in my life. I have to remind myself that it’s hockey. And should not, technically, affect my life. Whether win …

We Once Held Court

In honor of the upcoming roller hockey tournament, I thought I’d dig around the windmills of my mind and share a memory of roller hockey from my youth. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I played street hockey almost every day of my adolescence. I would come home from school, maybe eat something, do a little homework (or not) and then get the hockey gear. From the moment the first leaves fell from the trees, we would turn our local tennis court into hockey court, much to the chagrin of local tennis players but they were powerless against us. …


The Most Interesting Man?

The Lulz feature was originally inspired by the lolcats site but features hockey pictures with funny, quirky, ironic or just plain mean captions. This feature should run weekly on Fridays; TGIFWL (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With Lulz).


Behind the Crest: Claude and Isabelle Giroux

Claude Giroux is a bona fide NHL superstar. Those previously unaware of his skills are not so anymore, not after an incredible regular season where he scored 93 points. He’s this season’s Flyers MVP by far, and is most likely next in line to become team captain. But behind the slick moves, the nice suits, and the superstar swag lies a kid of just 24 who is a brother first and a star second to big sister Isabelle. Isabelle, who gained some notoriety of her own when her boyfriend Eric proposed to her on the ice at Citizens Bank Park …

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Around the Net 5.01.2012

Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL. Oh Danny boy, the goals, the goals are calling… A look back at Sunday’s win over the Devils. [Of Ice and Men] Jagr’s weird beard Jaromir Jagr channels his inner Sabretooth with his unique beard. [The 700 Level] Moving on and up the dial… The Flyers are moving to a new radio home starting next season. [Broad Street Hockey] The numbers don’t lie… Bill Meltzer breaks down the Flyers winning game one and how that bodes for the rest …