Jaromir Jagr is Superman

Jagr became Superman in his latest TV spot for Sazka. He caught a thief who stole a handbag from an old lady. More precisely he shot him with a puck and a stick. There’s nothing to more to say, just watch the 20-second video.

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This Week in Flyers History 4/29-5/5

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Flyers History, which seeks to fill in the gaps in fans’ collective memories and to give them a hand up when their friends question their hockey knowledge. April 29, 1976 Flyers 2, Bruins 1 (OT) — Reggie Leach’s white-hot playoffs continue, as he scored at the 13:38 mark of the first extra session to give the Flyers a win in Game 2 of this Semifinal. The goal evened the series at one game apiece. April 29, 1980 North Stars 6, Flyers 5 — Ken Linseman scored twice, while Al Hill and Tom …

swine flu

Watch Out for Swine Flu!

The Lulz feature was originally inspired by the lolcats site but features hockey pictures with funny, quirky, ironic or just plain mean captions. This feature should run weekly on Fridays; TGIFWL (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With Lulz).

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A Look At The Last 15 Years Of Flyers Playoff Goaltending

In judging Ilya Bryzgalov’s, um… interesting (?) job in net so far through this playoff run, I ran across the assessment of “I’d rank him Leighton” (h/t to our own Jim Hasson). Where would Leighton’s run rank in recent Flyers playoff history?  Their history in this area certainly hasn’t been pretty since the Flyers made a run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1997. Below is my ranking of the Flyers’ playoff goalies in the past 15 years based on scientific research, public polling, and the influence of numerous beer-fueled conversations. 1.       Brian Boucher His entire rookie course in 2000 …

Happy golfing, Sid.  www.magellanjets.com/blog/bid/40365/Sidney-Crosby-Plays-Golf-and-Travels-in-Private-Jet

RICE & MICE: Golfer’s Elbow

As we bid adieu to the Pittsburgh Penguins of 2011-12, I’d like to bring awareness to an injury that could affect anyone of the the Penguins players, coaches and staff during this extra long off-season: golfer’s elbow. Yes,  the elbows of the likes of James Neal, Tyler Kennedy, Evgeni Malkin and Arron Asham no longer have to incur the trauma of Flyers players head-butting their sensitive mid-arm areas. However, a new enemy may lurk on the horizon. Golfer’s elbow, also called medial epicondylitis, is an overuse injury to the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to bone located on the …