Point/Counterpoint: Brendan Shanahan and the new definition of justice

Point/Counterpoint is a new series which argues both sides of a topic relevant to the Philadelphia Flyers.  As always, the potential for a member of the Orange and Black to have a face-to-face meeting in New York City after a bout of gritty “Flyers hockey: exists constantly. This week, Nick D and Bob H ”debate” whether or not the new system of determining what is an illegal hit and how NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan handles any suspensions is working. Nick D (Point): The NHL has a new sheriff in town and his name is Brendan Shanahan. Shanahan has brought credibility, transparency, and consistency to the …

David Wilkinson: Bringing sports memories to life

As a Flyers fan of a certain age, I can only imagine what it would have been like for David Wilkinson to be sitting at his kitchen table, across from one Brian Propp. If you are a fan over the age of 30, you may remember “Propper” as the hard- working slick-skating forward for the Flyers who bridged the gap between the end of the Broad Street Bullies Era and the Mike Keenan/Paul Holmgren years, or possibly as one of the team’s radio broadcasters in recent years. The events that led to this meeting trace back to Berlin, New Jersey. …

Hockey Makes Me Crazy

Thursday’s game vs. the Jets. Nuff said. (taken from google images) Sometimes all you want is for your team to play like they mean it.  Always and forever, go Flyers. P.S. I still love Bobrovsky. And I think there must have been a full moon Thursday night. Metaphorically anyway.

Why You Heff to Be Here?

The Lulz feature was originally inspired by the lolcats site but features hockey pictures with funny, quirky, ironic or just plain mean captions. This feature should run weekly on Fridays; TGIFWL (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With Lulz).

Five Reasons I Love The Flyers: Kevin Keating

Kevin Keating is a knowledgable hockey fan who I had the pleasure of meeting at development camp. He runs the site What the puck? and you can also follow him on Twitter. He’s a huge fan of the Flyers. Below, he gives up the top five reasons why he loves the organization. 1.  The History I’ve found this to be the most intriguing recently.  While other teams have a rich and historic back catalogue (see:  Canadiens, Maple Leafs etc etc), no one else in this league is still defined by a nickname they earned 40 years ago.  Just a few …