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Cap advantage recapture makes trading for Shea Weber far too risky to even consider

Recently, Flyers beat report Tim Panaccio offered the following prediction for this summer: Let me be first to predict: #flyers re-visit NSH and Shea Weber this summer — Tim Panaccio (@tpanotchCSN) March 29, 2013 Even outside of the fact that I’m not sure Nashville would be eager to trade him after paying him such massive sums of money in his first year, I would argue, with all due respect to Tim, that it would be a terrible, terrible decision because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement’s (CBA) “cap advantage recapture system”. If I were an NHL general manager, I wouldn’t …

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An Open Letter to Wayne Simmonds

Hey, Simmer. I’m not sure if you know this, but when you first came to Philadelphia, I wasn’t your biggest fan. It wasn’t your fault, really. You were the other woman, so-to-speak. I was reeling from the trades of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, two of my favorite players and the guys who had been at the core of the organization. You, Schenner, Couturier, and Jake took some heat from me because I was bitter. Everyone kept talking about how great of a player you were. How gritty you were, how you would be a perfect fit in Philadelphia. I …

Hockey Hilarity: Sergei SpongeBob Bobrovsky is really good

Friday funnies brought to you straight from hockey’s own players, media personnel, and broadcast botches. We’ll be mucking it up every week right here, examining puck ups, puns, tweets, and more! So, what’s funny this week in hockey is that the Philadelphia Flyers really stink and that their goaltending, aside  from the first couple of months from Ilya Bryzgalov has been pretty meh. Anyway, there was this kid, once upon a time, that they picked up. He was an unsigned youngster and he got thrown into the fire and had a pretty good year up until the playoffs. His name was Sergei …

Time Thomas

Time Travelin’ Timmy Thomas

  PHILADELPHIA, 1776. A flash of electricity bursts out. A man in a black and gold hockey sweater with a prominent mustache walks out into the night. TIM THOMAS has arrived in the past. He is in an alley a few blocks from INDEPENDENCE HALL. He sees a CHILD staring at him.   TIM THOMAS You, boy! What year is it?   CHILD 1776, sir.   TIM THOMAS Excellent. I’m right on time.   CHILD What are those strange garments?   TIM THOMAS It’s my uniform, boy. Perhaps you can fetch me something less…conspicuous?   CHILD What do I get …

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Poll: What should the Flyers do at the trade deadline?

With the trade deadline quickly approaching on April 3, the Flyers will have some decisions to make. Whether or not they think they can make the playoffs will dictate whether they “buy” or “sell”. Should they try to acquire a talented player that can be a benefit for years to come (think Byfuglien)? Should they make a strong playoff push and acquire a talented (but possibly expiring) veteran (think Morrow or Iginla)? Should they “sell” some of their own lesser pieces (think Talbot or Fedotenko)? Or should they do nothing at all?