Poll: Which set of players will be more successful?

It’s not practical to accurately predict the future but why not try anyway? The last three generation of stars in Philly have come in pairs: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, Claude Giroux and James van Riemdyk, and now Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier. Let’s assume it is 20-years in the future and we can look back on the careers of these players. How would you rank them? Note: You’ll have to rank them in the comments section.

How many goals will Wayne Simmonds Score?

In his first three NHL seasons, Wayne Simmonds scored 39 total goals, including a career-high 16 goals in 2010. His numbers place him slightly above what Scott Hartnell did in his first three seasons. During his fourth, Hartnell scored 18 goals and 33 points. Many believe Simmnods can break the 20 goal plateau this season. What do you think?