Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation

We run a number of fundraising events every year and need sponsors for these events. Depending on the event, a sponsorship could help to cover the costs of printing t-shirts, renting a rink, or paying for any other promotional materials.

The average cost of becoming a sponsor is $100. In exchange for sponsorship, your business will receive advertising in some combination of the following forms: a logo on a t-shirt designed for the event, an ad on the Flyers Faithful website, an ad on the event listing page, an ad during our Flyers Faithful podcast, and/or a logo on any other promotional materials related to the event.

Since this sponsorship involves an exchange and does not go directly to a non-profit organization for which the event is raising money, it is not considered tax deductible. However, this small contribution can go a long way towards raising quite a bit of money for a worthy cause.

Check out some of the press we received on our fundraisers.

Contact us if you would like to be a sponsor for one of our events.