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CBA 101: Contract Buy-outs

There are a limited number of ways that a team is able to get out of a contract given to one of their players. One such way is to buy  out the contract, which relieves of the team of their contractual obligation to the player, but does still result in “dead cap space” which is essentially cap space being used on a player that isn’t with the club. Typically, a team would exercise a buy out in order to get out of a bad contract in order to see some cap relief, much like the New York Islanders with Alexei …

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CBA Chatter

Everything you wanted to know about the CBA but were afraid to ask Here is your weekly update on how the labor negotiations are going:[Kuklas Korner] [Globe and Mail] [Spectors Hockey] [The Hockey News] [CSN Philly] For info on the current Collective Bargaining Agreement or player contracts, visit Cap Geek, scroll to the bottom for the CBA documents.

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CBA 101: Offseason Salary Cap

During the offseason, the upper limit of the salary is temporarily raised by 10 percent so that teams have the ability to manage their rosters with a little more freedom. Many people turn a blind eye to this fact and solely look at the real upper limit of $70.2 million; often times already putting players out of their minds that are unlikely to play with the team that season. However, in the case of a team like the Flyers, this temporary upper limit can sometimes be a concern. From the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 50.5 (c)(ii)(B): Nevertheless, in order to …

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CBA 101: Everything Shea Weber

With #WeberWatch in full effect, I thought I would try something different with this week’s CBA 101 article. The signing of Shea Weber to an offer sheet has brought a few lesser known aspects of restricted free agency to the forefront. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to touch on them. The first concept I’d like to discuss is regarding Weber’s restricted free agent compensation. When the offer sheet was first signed there was quite a bit of confusion as to what the compensation would actually be. Many people thought that it would be two first rounders, …

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CBA 101 Part 9: Restricted Free Agent Compensation

As the name suggests, restricted free agency is a type of free agency in which the player has the ability to entertain offers from other clubs; but there are certain restrictions in place. The “Prior Team” who owned the player’s rights throughout the previous season, maintains those rights and can retain that player if they so choose. The first step in maintaining those rights is to present a qualifying offer to the restricted free agent, which would grant the team what is known as the “Right of First Refusal”. If the restricted free agent were to sign an “offer sheet” …