Flyers must go all in for Weber

Caveat: It would take a lot to get Shea Weber out of Nashville as the Predators will do everything in their power to keep him. But that does not mean that the Flyers shouldn’t try their damnedest to get him. The fact of the matter is that Weber is an elite defensive talent that is the biggest missing piece standing between the Flyers and a Stanley Cup parade. Few players could realistically fill the void left by Chris Pronger. Weber is one of the select few and is just entering the prime of his career to boot. What reason do …

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CBA 101 Part 2: 35+ Contracts – The Chris Pronger Story

One aspect of the Collective Bargaining Agreement which is near and dear to the Flyers’ heart is the 35-plus contract; which we’ll cover here in Part 2 of CBA 101. A 35-plus contract is a contract of greater than 1 year, in which the player is 35 years or older when the contract takes effect. So what’s the big deal, right? The stipulation with this kind of pact is that no matter what happens, you can’t be rid of the player’s cap hit unless he is traded or claimed on waivers. Even if you were to send a player on …

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Negadelphia: Fixing The Philadelphia Flyers

***Negadelphia is an exercise where I channel the opinions of Philly’s worst into a post. No idiots were harmed in the making of this post, unfortunately.*** Another year and no Stanley Cup for the Philadelphia Flyers.  I’m getting fed up with this garbage!  These underachieving losers have a lot to do in the offseason if they actually want to be contenders.

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Balls and a Blueprint: Inside the Mind of the Flyers’ Mad Scientist

Some call him a genius. Some call him insane. Most people call him Homer. I refer to him as the Mad Scientist. If you hadn’t caught on by now, I’m talking about Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren, also known as the man who was passed over for GM of the Year. I believe it is safe to say that Holmgren has officially made this Flyers team his own (and secured his job for a few more seasons). The craziest of crazies took place on June 23 in the Flyers much-publicized, much-maligned trades of cornerstone centers Mike Richards (captain) and Jeff …

Captain Patch

The Big C

Leadership, leadership, leadership. It’s a broken record but always up there on the list of things Flyers fans will always want to talk about, second only to the goalie situation. When things are bad, it’s at the forefront of discussion, but when things are good, it fades to the background. The loss of captain Chris Pronger to injury had fans and analysts questioning what the team was going to do as far as replacing him. Would they give the “C” to either Danny Briere or Kimmo Timonen, the alternate captains? Or would they look towards the future and give it …