Podcast: Episode 29, Hello Goodbye

On this edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal talk to Michael Baumann from the Philadelphia Phillies blog Crashburn Alley about Jakub Voracek and work some Phils talk in.  They also discuss the Flyers draft picks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, the big trades of James van Riemsdyk and Sergei Bobrovsky, and free agency. Flyers Faithful Podcast Episode 29 You can also download it from iTunes here!  If you’re enjoying the show via iTunes we would very much appreciate it if you could rate it and leave a review on there!

James van Riesmdyk

Lost in translation: What that offseason news really means

The offseason is filled with plenty of news, speculation, absurd rumors, and hyperbole. So, we at Flyers Faithful have decided to take our best shot at deciphering some of the things that you’ve heard recently. News: This was a great pick by the Flyers! He’s an absolute steal with a lot of upside and projects to be a Mike Richards-type player. What it sounds like: Holy crap, we traded Mike Richards for Mike Richards last year and drafted another Mike Richards this year! What it really means: The kid plays two-way hockey and probably scored a nice shorthanded goal when he was fifteen …

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

Some thoughts on round one

First off, kudos to everyone who covered the draft live last night. People may joke every time a tweet pops up about a GM working the phones but those reporters worked their butts off last night. Today will be even more hectic. Well done folks. The Penguins got a lot better on paper last night and that worries many people in the Atlantic Division. The Penguins also got a lot better on paper in 2010 when they reshaped their defense by acquiring Zbynek Michalek and Paul Martin. How did that work out? Michalek was traded back to the Phoenix Coyotes …

couts draft

Will the rockets’ orange glare appear at the draft?

With the draft quickly approaching many Flyers fans are wondering when the first domino will fall; and what exactly will start the chain reaction. The draft is often considered either the last official act of the previous season or the first one of the new year, and the Flyers are no exception to treating it as an important time-frame. Since Paul Holmgren took over as general manager, the Flyers have made at least two moves each year at the draft, or during the week leading up to it. Date Sent Team Received 6/23/2011 Jeff Carter Columbus Blue Jackets Jakub Voracek, …


Flyers known to keep Summers interesting

It’s now the offseason, and with it comes a ton of rumors about potential trades or acquisitions — thus, the moniker of “Silly Season.” This particular one is especially interesting, with names like Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, and Ryan Suter floating around as either pending free agents or possible trade bait. As we learned last summer, the Flyers have no problem with pulling the trigger on huge deals if it means improving their team for the future. So it’s not completely out there to think that they might make another humungous big deal during the era of sweltering heat, whether …