How To Occupy Your Time In Case of A Lockout

As CBA talks continue on between the NHL and the Players Association, the possibility of a lockout is becoming greater and greater. An offseason without hockey is bad enough for fans to deal with, let alone an entire season. With no games to watch and no hockey to discuss, fans are going to be at a loss for what to do to fill up their free time. In order to help those lost and forlorn fans get through a potential lockout period, here is a list of various ways to stay occupied during the long, long non-season. Write angry letters …

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Around the Net 07.17.2012

Photo courtesy of Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL. “One time, at prospect camp…” The Flyers wrapped up their annual prospect camp over the weekend. Here are some thoughts on how it went: [CSN Philly] [] [Hockeybuzz] The end is nigh… Or how I learned to stop worrying about a lockout. The owners opening salvo is a bucket of crazy covered in madness. [CSN Philly] Defensive defenseman? Not Mike Green. The Caps decide to overpay their oft-injured blueliner way more than they should. [] …