If Bryzgalov is bought out, Bernier and Luongo would be ideal replacements.

Crashing the Crease: Luongo, Bernier Ideal Options to Replace Bryz

With the Flyers’ season coming to a close soon, most of Philadelphia is looking to this offseason and wondering who will don the orange and black next season – and perhaps more importantly, who won’t. That Holmgren will use one compliance or “amnesty” buyout on Danny Briere’s $6.5 million cap hit is all but a foregone conclusion at this point, but the second big name being thrown about for a potential trip out of town is Ilya Bryzgalov.

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Crashing the Crease: Buyout Plan B’s

Yesterday, Kevin Christmann discussed the possibility of an amnesty buyout clause being introduced in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that would allow teams to buy out one contract without any cap hit penalties. He, and many others, have suggested the possibility of using that buyout on Ilya Bryzgalov, ridding the Flyers of what is undoubtedly a bad contract no matter how one may look at it. While the merits of choosing to use this buyout on Bryzgalov are up for debate, one thing is fairly clear: if Paul Holmgren were to exercise this buyout on the Flyers’ starting goaltender, he …

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CBA 101: Mailbag questions while you’re stuck inside

Is anyone reading this? Does anyone have power? Is the world over? Hurricane Sandy is here after all, and we are quickly approaching the end of the world on December 21, 2012. If you didn’t see our Tim McManus’ article last week on mailbags, you should definitely check it out. With that said, it’s time for some mailbag questions of my own! From reader Mike Tomon, “Why do I see a cap hit of $100,000 for Oskars Bartulis for the Flyers?”. This is good question Mike, and one I expect other fans will wonder if/when we ever have hockey again and …

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CBA 101: Contract Buy-outs

There are a limited number of ways that a team is able to get out of a contract given to one of their players. One such way is to buy  out the contract, which relieves of the team of their contractual obligation to the player, but does still result in “dead cap space” which is essentially cap space being used on a player that isn’t with the club. Typically, a team would exercise a buy out in order to get out of a bad contract in order to see some cap relief, much like the New York Islanders with Alexei …