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Flyers Faithful Christmas List 2013

I asked the Flyers Faithful staff what they wanted for Christmas. All they got was some cheap lottery tickets and a few mints that I had lying around in my coat pockets. But, here’s their list anyway:   Marcello De Feo (Flyers Faithful Founder, Fan of Alliteration) Back in 2010, when Flyers Faithful created its first Christmas wish list, I wanted nothing more than to see the healthy, triumphant return of Ian Laperriere. Three years later, I find myself wanting something similar. It has been over two years since the last time Chris Pronger played a game and it remains …

Thanks to Hooked on Ornaments

The Flyers Faithful Chrismukkaa List

While the National Hockey League may be on hiatus and its players ejecting from the sinking ship of the league faster than escape pods on the Starship Titanic, the opportunity to gain knowledge about your favorite franchise and favorite sport will not cease this Holiday season. We may not know exactly what you’ll have drawn up for your Christmas/late year birthday/Hanukkah list, but allow us to present some suggestions guaranteed to fill your stocking — and more importantly, fill your head — with everything you need to know about the Philadelphia Flyers and the great game of hockey. 1) Full …

A Meditation

Though hockey is sometimes couched in lofty/religious terms (and wrongly so, in my opinion) when it comes to title talk, it’s not often associated with high culture and ancient history. But that’s no reason to let inspiration flow when the opportunity arises. So, on this glorious final Sunday in December, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy day however you do it and whatever you believe, and invite you to meditate on this new creation, lovingly crafted thanks to some high praise for one particular Philadelphia Flyers forward. Go here for the explanation of the original. Girouxsalem, or, may William Blake …

Merry Christmas

Players, coaches, trainers and front office staff of the 1984-85 Philadelphia Flyers read from a Christmas classic.