Bryzgalov, being Bryzgalov.

Crashing the Crease: O Bryz, Where Art Thou?

Ilya Bryzgalov’s KHL season is underway with CSKA Moscow, the modern-day incarnation of the Red Army hockey club. Since his arrival, much has been made about his being a healthy scratch, and concern abounds about having lost two games while yielding 4 goals in each. However, has it really been all that bad? Is he being scratched because he is terrible? Just what is going on over there? Alarms started ringing after word came back that CSKA lost to Traktor 4-3. Most North American highlight packages showed few, if any, of the goals against Bryz, therefore making it difficult to …


Crashing the Crease: Home Cooking

The 2012-2013 NHL season had all the earmarks of a solid season for the league as a whole. Last season ended in fantastic fashion for the growth of the game. The LA Kings had sparked some real interest in the game out West, even bringing to light the fact that David Beckham has been a Kings fan before it was cool [again]. People who weren’t Canadian transplants were paying attention to the sport. The East Coast equivalent of L.A. was ready to see a return to the limelight, as the New York Rangers had effectively re-tooled and upgraded their roster. …