Hard Choices Always Have to be Made

While us penguins continue to wilt in the usual Northeastern Summer heat, pining for the days when a cool iceberg awaits our collectively scorched behinds, thoughts about the upcoming (and too far off) season still seep their way into our Sun-addled brains. This is the first in a five-part series which intends to examine the ways the Flyers front office, though publicly professing to want to win the Cup by any means necessary, just ends up conducting business as usual year in and year out. It could have been said any time over the last 25 years: At the end of the painful …

Happy seventh anniversary of “The Brawl”

It was seven years ago today, March 5, 2004. Rob Ray and Donald Brashear dropped the gloves, not knowing that they were in the process of making history. The Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators engaged in a brawl that resulted in 419 combined penalty minutes, the most in the history of any NHL game. 419 minutes, nearly seven full games of ice time. Happy seventh anniversary, Philadelphia and Ottawa. You will alway hold a special place in my heart.