Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Philadelphia Flyers

I finally finished it. If you’re the type to keep track, I believe I started this sucker sometime this past August. Then we had that event that must not be named and the book got put to the side as I took a break from Flyers Faithful because for me, no Flyers to watch was a major block on my writing inspiration. But when I boarded the plane to go to Philadelphia on Valentine’s Day, I grabbed my Kindle and pulled it up because I was determined to finish it. So, here we go: The Good, The Bad, & The …


Czechoslovaks in a Flyers uniform – Jan Hlavac

Filip Strych is our Czech correspondent who contributes to, the following is an article from that site. This week we are going to continue our Czechoslovakian blog with Jan Hlavac, another Kladno-born player who played for the Philadelphia Flyers. Despite his short tenure with the team he will be remembered as a part of the Lindros trade to the Rangers. Jan was born on September 20, 1976 in Prague where he started his career with one of the best teams HC Sparta Prague during the 1993/1994 season. The following year, the New York Islanders chose Hlavac in the second round, 28th overall. …

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Three

Who We Hate: A Recap

Hello, Flyers fans! We are just two short days away from the start of this lockout-shortened season, and since it’s been an ungodly long time since we’ve cheered on the Flyers and cursed out their opponents, I figured I’d provide you with a short refresher course on who we enjoy cursing out the most. Pittsburgh Penguins — I’m not starting off with Pittsburgh because they’re the first team the Flyers face this season, I’m starting off with them because they are the worst. Not the worst team – because, let’s face it, they’re a great team – but just the …

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Podcast: Episode 47, Jim Jackson

On this edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal talk to Flyers television play by play broadcaster Jim Jackson about his career, his favorite games, Coatesy, Twitter (and whether he’ll be making Don Cherry type rants on there), and take a look at the upcoming Flyers season.


Point/Counterpoint: What to expect when you’re expecting a 48-game season

Welcome to the newest edition of “Point/Counterpoint,” where a pair of Flyers Faithful scribes present both sides of one particular issue with their own unique view and flair. This week, Nick D. and Bob H. renew their Laurel and Hardy act, trading barbs on what exactly fans will see once the NHL agrees to a fixed number of games to complete the truncated 2012-13 season. Point, Nick: Nail-biting white-knuckling, heart-attack-inducing intensity. Every game, every minute, every point will be huge. Anything can happen. Basically what you can expect is all around great hockey every single night and since it is NHL …