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Guest Post: In Opposition to Defenders of Fighting in Hockey, a Defense of Fighting in Hockey

Michael Baumann writes about baseball for Crashburn Alley and Grantland. He also writes about basketball for Liberty Ballers. He will be joining us occasionally on Flyers Faithful to share his thoughts on hockey. You can follow him on Twitter @MJ_Baumann. My relationship with hockey is dominated by emotion. I don’t have the “analyst” hat I’ve developed with baseball, where I have to put my childhood biases aside so I can wax poetic about Jason Heyward or Andrelton Simmons one moment, then turn around and hurl vitriol against his team, the Atlanta Braves, an organization I hate on a level that usually …

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Poll: What should the NHL do about fighting?

In the wake of the incident between George Parros and Colton Orr last night, there has been a lot of talk regarding fighting and its role in today’s NHL. Some people want harsher penalties, some want it banned entirely, and some people are just fine with things the way that they are. Let us know how you feel in the poll below.

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Point/Counterpoint:Fighting in the playoffs and vigilante justice

Welcome to the newest edition of “Point/Counterpoint,” where a pair of Flyers Faithful scribes present both sides of one particular issue with their own unique view and flair. This week Dain S. and Jim H. discuss whether players should fight in the playoffs to police themselves or let the NHL handle on ice incidents. First up Dain: The NHL needs to punish those who target opponents for dangerous hits and stick fouls, not the players policing themselves. The NHL Playoffs are the culmination of 8 months of hockey, building to a crescendo, where one team will finally raise Lord Stanley’s Cup. Emotions …


Sestito lost with groin tear

More bad news on the injury front Friday afternoon, as the Philadelphia Flyers announced that enforcer Tom Sestito will have surgery to repair a torn groin muscle next week. The 24-year-old winger will miss 6-to-8 weeks, per GM Paul Holmgren. Sestito left Thursday’s game against Buffalo in the second period with what the team termed a lower-body injury. Though everyone assumed at first that it had something to do with his upper-body (i.e. hand) at first, take a look at the fight itself: Sestito is going pretty good, until he just folds up like a card table and falls to …