Game 25 Preview: Winnipeg Jets @ Philadelphia Flyers

Winnipeg Jets (12-11-4) @ Philadelphia Flyers (10-12-2), 11:30 AM EST, TSN-JETS, CSN-PH RECORDS: Winnipeg Jets (12-11-4) Away: 5-5-1 vs. Eastern Conference: 6-1-1 vs. Metropolitan Division: 4-0-1 Philadelphia Flyers: 10-12-2 Home: 6-7-0 vs. Western Conference: 1-3-1 vs. Central Division: 0-0-1 GAME 25 PREVIEW: After a disappointing two game road-trip in Florida, the Philadelphia Flyers (10-12-2) return to the Wells Fargo Center to host the Winnipeg Jets (12-11-4) in their annual Black Friday game.  The matchup will be televised locally on CSN-PH at 11:30 AM EST (!).  Man, that’s an early start.  FYI:  Tim Hortons can be found down at the rink between sections …


Game 21 Preview: Buffalo Sabres @ Philadelphia Flyers

Buffalo Sabres (5-17-1) @ Philadelphia Flyers (8-10-2), 7:00PM EST, MSG-B, BELL TV, CSN-PH RECORDS: Buffalo Sabres (5-17-1) Away: 3-8-0 vs. Eastern Conference: 3-8-1 vs. Metropolitan Division: 1-3-0 Philadelphia Flyers: 8-10-2 Home: 4-7-0 vs. Eastern Conference: 7-7-1 vs. Atlantic Division: 3-3-0 GAME 21 PREVIEW: Looking for points in six straight, the Philadelphia Flyers (8-10-2) play host to the Buffalo Sabres (5-17-1) at the Wells Fargo Center this Thursday night.  The match-up will be televised locally on CSN-PH at 7:00 EST. After tonight, the Flyers have one more home game (Saturday night against the New York Islanders) before they embark on a two …


Game 19 Preview: Philadelphia Flyers @ Winnipeg Jets

Philadelphia Flyers (7-10-1) @ Winnipeg Jets (9-9-2), 8:00PM EST, TCN-PH, TSN-JETS RECORDS: Philadelphia Flyers: 7-10-1 Away: 4-3-1 vs. Western Conference: 1-3-0 vs. Central Division: 0-0-0 Winnipeg Jets (9-9-2) Home: 6-5-1 vs. Eastern Conference: 3-1-1 vs. Metropolitan Division: 1-0-1 GAME 19 PREVIEW: The Philadelphia Flyers are finally winning?  The Philadelphia Flyers are finally winning. The Philadelphia Flyers (7-10-1) look to end their three-game road trip on a positive note as they head to Manitoba tonight to take on the Winnipeg Jets (9-9-2).  The game will be televised locally on TCN–PH at 8:00 PM EST.  After tonight, the Flyers return home this coming Tuesday …


Game 18 Preview: Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins

Philadelphia Flyers (6-10-1) @ Pittsburgh Penguins (11-6-0), 8:00PM EST, NBCSN, RDS, TSN2 RECORDS: Philadelphia Flyers: 6-10-1 Away: 3-3-1 vs. Eastern Conference: 5-7-1 vs. Metropolitan Division: 3-4-1 Pittsburgh Penguins: 11-6-0 Home: 7-2-0 vs. Eastern Conference: 9-4-0 vs. Metropolitan Division: 6-2-0 GAME 18 PREVIEW: Coming off of their best all-around performance of the year in Ottawa last night, the Philadelphia Flyers (6-10-1) head to Pittsburgh to take on the division-leading Penguins (11-6-0).  The game will be nationally televised on NBC Sports Network at 8:00PM EST.  This is the Flyers’ second game of a back-to-back and, coincidentally, the second game of a three-in-four …


A Very Special Flyers Halloween Special

Claude Giroux and the Flyers were watching horror movies one night when a inter-dimensional vortex transported the Flyers into the land of horror and our most beloved horror movie characters entered our reality…   Goalies are…psychotic   The line from hell.     Playing like a possessed person.     The vamptain.