Breaking Down the Bullies: Is this the .500 life?

The Flyers have played 14 games to this point, but if we have learned anything, it is that we know nothing. A mere seven points separate fourth place (Toronto) and last place (Washington). The team has scored less than two goals on TEN separate occasions, while compiling 19 in the other four. Claude Giroux trails Kimmo Timonen in points, and Tye McGinn has the same amount of goals. They feel like a team that is struggling, but they boast a 4-1-1 record over their last six contests. Now sitting at 6-7-1 overall, is this lack of consistency going to keep …


A Video Diary: G being G

I miss hockey. I know it can be found all around me, but I miss it in its most elite form, embraced by the casual independent and celebrated on televisions and in various media formats across the globe. Instead, the hockey as I know it is being played elsewhere around the world in miniscule bits, with no one to enjoy it but the 5,000 to 7,000 people that can fit into the arenas and the other serious few who are brave enough to seek it elsewhere, quality of the stream and play be damned. I miss hockey as it is …