Poll: Who should the Flyers exercise their compliance buyouts on?

As part of the tentatively agreed to CBA agreement between the NHL and NHLPA each team has two compliance buyouts they can use over the next two summers. Compliance buyouts would not impact the team’s salary cap. I’ve included the obvious candidates as well as, for the sake of being thorough, the other long-term contracts on the roster. *One thing to note, currently, like in the expired CBA, teams cannot buy out injured players. That could throw a wrench in any plans for the Flyers to buy out Chris Pronger. Feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments!


A look back at the Vitale hit on Briere and the conceptions behind finishing games

I originally wrote this article back in April, at another time and place under the title “Orange-Colored Glasses”, and I wanted to bring it here to Flyers Faithful for some actual hockey talk amidst all of this lockout excitement. I’ve edited it slightly so it makes a bit more sense being that it’s referencing a game nine months ago. I write this knowing full well it probably won’t be very popular, and most people will probably disagree with me. However, I feel compelled to say it because well…I’m just way too rational of a human being, and seeing a lack …

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European Update: Bye Bye Bryz?

I’ll admit it, I stayed up way too late hoping for a new CBA, but alas, we continue to roll on with our European updates as our beloved Orange and Black continue to fight the good fight. Latest edition of your European update begins…NOW!   Matt Read (Södertälje SK – Sweden) – Read completed his contract with Södertälje SK and has returned Stateside. Games Played: 3. Goals: 1. Assists: 2. Points: 3 Danny Briere (Berlin Polar Bears – Germany) – Danny just keeps dropping dimes. Games Played: 2. Goals: 0. Assists: 2. Points: 2. Claude Giroux – G has begun …

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Homer’s Do’s and Doh’s: The Finals – Hartnell/Timonen Rights Trade v. Carter Trade

Paul Holmgren became the interim General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers on October 22, 2006. That interim title was removed only weeks later on November 11. Holmgren was able to take a team that finished last in the National Hockey League, and rebuild it to make a deep run all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals the very next season. Yes, some of Holmgren’s moves have been amazing, but he’s also a guy who has gotten this organization into some hot water with the salary cap and was forced to make deals that were head scratchers to say the least. If you enjoyed …

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European Update: Read Breaks Goalless Drought

So, let me get this straight, the NHL and NHLPA went to mediation for 48 hours, and that’s it? Great, this is working out real well. Latest edition of your European update begins…NOW!   Matt Read (Södertälje SK – Sweden) – Read breaks out of his goalless drought (3 games) and lights the lamp. Games Played: 2. Goals: 1. Assists: 1. Points: 2 Nicklas Grossmann (Södertälje SK – Sweden) – Why you heff to leave, Grossmannnnn? Games Played: 1. Goals: 0. Assists: 0. Points: 0. Danny Briere (Berlin Polar Bears – Germany) – There’s the Danny B. we know and …