Print Media

On my very messy desk (it gets bulldozed on the weekend, sometimes), sit two issues of The Hockey News. My very first two issues in truth. Being a subscriber to Gamecenter Live means I get a lot of advertisement emails from and the like and this was the fifth email about getting 10 issues of The Hockey News for some low price. I’d just been asked to write here on and I thought, I need to know more about hockey, why not? I like magazines and catalogues.  It might be more the joy of getting something in the …

Preparing for Saturday Night

Yes, this is a repeat for some of you.  But I thought it was appropriate. The Lulz feature was originally inspired by the lolcats site but features hockey pictures with funny, quirky, ironic or just plain mean captions. This feature should run weekly on Fridays; TGIFWL (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With Lulz).

Atlantic Watch: 10/26-11/1

The week opened up roughly, but it ended smoothly as the Flyers seem to be moving towards playing better after a 5-1 win at home against the Carolina Hurricanes. Giving up 14 goals in back-to-back nights, the Flyers lost in inexplicable fashion to two currently horrendous teams, who are both experiencing difficulties in play and personnel. Rebounding back from those two horrific losses, the Flyers spanked Carolina with both Danny Briere and Chris Pronger out of the lineup. The Flyers began the real Halloween horror show by suffering a 5-1 defeat in Montreal last Wednesday, giving the lowly Habs their first road win …

Flight Plan Week of 10.30.2011

The Philadelphia Flyers split their four games this week. After a big win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Flyers dropped a bad one to the Montreal Canadiens where they looked all sorts of out of sorts against a team who was desperate for a win. Then, the Flyers continued looking discombobulated up until the end of the second period against the Winnipeg Jets in a crazy 17-goal back-and-forth shoot out at the Wells Fargo Center, the Jets barely getting out of dodge with a win they should have had locked up. Wrapping up the week, Philadelphia was able to …

Poll: Which set of players will be more successful?

It’s not practical to accurately predict the future but why not try anyway? The last three generation of stars in Philly have come in pairs: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, Claude Giroux and James van Riemdyk, and now Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier. Let’s assume it is 20-years in the future and we can look back on the careers of these players. How would you rank them? Note: You’ll have to rank them in the comments section.