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The Miscalculation of Paul Holmgren

Ryan Suter…Strike one. Zach Parise…Strike two. Jaromir Jagr…Strike three, you’re out, Mr. Holmgren. We in Flyerdom find ourselves in a strange situation as of mid-July in 2012. The Flyers’ big free agent signing 11 days in has been bottom-six forward and old friend Ruslan Fedotenko. Holmgren failed to make meaningful contact with the two marquee free agents in Suter and Parise (although, if you have read my articles, you know I don’t believe Suter was a marquee free agent). Furthermore, the Flyers blew their chances in retaining Matt Carle. I believed Holmgren when he said that he believed that he …


Flyers Mailbag #1

Welcome to the first installment of the Flyers Mailbag, where we take readers’ (not-so-serious) questions and answer them in the least sensible way possible. If you’d like to submit a question, feel free to tweet at me or comment here. From Hal Greenblatt (@HMGreenblatt): Why does @Hartsy19 (Scott Hartnell) fall so often? It’s gravity, baby. Or, he’s just really clumsy. Probably both. To be honest, I don’t have the real answer. But I do have my theories. Theory #1: there’s some sort of chip implanted somewhere on his body, and it is attracted to some sort of metal that is …


Podcast: Episode 31, “Shea”meless

On this edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal talk to Bill Meltzer about Flyers prospect camp, the departures of Matt Carle and Jaromir Jagr, and which young Flyers we can expect to step up next season.  Steve and Hal also discuss Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signing in Minnesota and the possibility of Shea Weber in Orange and Black. Flyers Faithful Podcast Episode 31 You can also download it from iTunes here!  If you’re enjoying the show via iTunes we would very much appreciate it if you could rate it and leave a review on there!

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He’s Taking His Talents to Tampa

The Lulz feature was originally inspired by the lolcats site but features hockey pictures with funny, quirky, ironic or just plain mean captions. This feature should run weekly on Fridays; TGIFWL (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With Lulz).

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Carle headed back to Hockey Bay

Despite earlier reports from multiple sources which seemed to reveal that Matt Carle wanted to remain with the Flyers and wanted to sign here and that the Flyers wanted him, Carle instead pulled a switcheroo on America’s birthday. The powers of persuasion from Tampa Bay general manager Steve Yzerman were too great, and Carle was signed to a six-year contract. Multiple media reports, including, revealed the deal is worth a total of $33.5 million for the duration, with an average annual value of $5.5 million. And so, one of the more polarizing figures in recent club history will no …