I know that Horton heard a Who but here's Horton as a Who and...I'm sorry.

Metropolitan Division Preview: Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets are the oddest team of the bunch to join the Philadelphia Flyers and the other former Atlantic Division castoffs in the Metropolitan Division. They’ve had a mostly miserable existence in the Western Conference, getting picked on by teams like the Detroit Red Wings (who are in the NEW Atlantic Division — is this confusing enough for you?) and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blue Jackets made a nice push for the playoffs last year, but came up a few points short. Oddly enough, they already have some division ties between a couple of major trades with the …

Marty is looking ok for his age

Metropolitan Division Preview: New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers do not like each. This rivalry started on the elbows of Scott Stevens and has continued ever since. And now we find ourselves at this point. The Devils find themselves heading into the 2013-14 season- I’m sorry, I can’t contain it anymore. I need to get this out. KOVALCHUK RETIRED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The Devils’ best player and only real scoring threat just went and retired on them. Just like that. He decided that home is where the heart is (as well as the government sanctioned homophobia). But let’s be serious for a second. …