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CBA Chatter

Everything you wanted to know about the CBA but were afraid to ask Here are your updates from the past week on the ongoing collective bargaining agreement talks from around the Web. Breaking news: Bettman says there will be a lockout if no new agreement by 9/15 [SB Nation]  The Players Association seems poised to make a counter proposal the owners. [Defending Big D]. Scott Harnell is a player rep for the Flyers and he gives his thoughts on the negotiations:[CSN Philly] Changes might be in store for supplementary discipline in the next CBA. [Sporting News] [ESPN] For up to the minute updates on the CBA …

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CBA 101 Part 4: Cap Space Calculations

One of the more complicated aspects of the National Hockey League’s Collective Barganing Agreement is actually the calculation of a team’s cap space. There are so many contributing factors that is easy to misunderstand. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do believe I have a fair understanding; so I hope to be able to articulate it so others might find it informative. There will be aspects of cap calculation that I omit, either because I plan to cover it at a later point in time, or simply because I have to draw the line somewhere. Let’s start at …