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The Downside of the “Big” Guys Playing for the “Small” Club

As the chances of the lockout coming to an end anytime soon get smaller and smaller, NHL players are flocking to other teams left and right. Some are going overseas to play in European leagues, while others have the opportunity to play for their team’s AHL affiliate, such as a few of the Flyers. I touched briefly on the downside of having NHL players joining other teams abroad in last week’s Point/Counterpoint, but now I’m going to focus on the effect it may have on players in the minors. The AHL is a stepping stone, the last stop before a …

I don't know why, but it seems like Barry Melrose is a natural for KHL broadcasts

KHL 2Nite

Good news hockey fans, ESPN is jumping back into the hockey game! Well, no, the lockout isn’t over and NBC still has the NHL’s rights. ESPN will actually be showing KHL games this season. It’s an interesting move for a number of reasons. Hockey and ESPN have a history, to say the least. The network dropped the sport when the NHL was locked out back in 2004-05. ESPN attempted to bring it back when the TV rights were available last year, but the NHL decided to stay with NBC. I supported the league’s decision to stick with NBC. ESPN had …

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Around the Net 10.02.12

Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL. Matt Read heads for Sweden The promising young Flyer heads to Europe to get some work in: [Broad Street Hockey] Giroux heading to KHL? Claude might end up playing with Jagr this year after all: [The 700 Level] Don’t I know you? Flyers teammates practice while their younger teammates practice with the Phantoms: [] [Hockeybuzz] Lockout update Both sides are set to resume talks today: [The Hockey News] That’s all for this week, join me next week for more …

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CBA Chatter

Everything you wanted to know about the CBA but were afraid to ask Here are your updates from the past week on the ongoing collective bargaining agreement talks from around the Web. Will Friday’s meeting lead to more talks? [Kuklas Korner] [Toronto Sun]  Money is the root of all lockouts [Toronto Sun] [The Hockey News] Briere rips Bettman [] Yakupov gets Nailed [ESPN] [] That’s all for this week, join me next week as we look at the ongoing labor situation.  

New teammates Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Bryzgalov

Point/Counterpoint: NHLers Playing Overseas

Welcome to another edition of Point/Counterpoint, where a pair of Flyers Faithful scribes square off, debating an issue with their own unique style and flair. This week, Kim P and Craig F discuss the pros and cons of NHL players joining teams in other leagues during the lockout. Point: Kim P. Now that the NHL is in lockout mode, some players have flocked overseas and joined teams in European hockey leagues. It’s great for those players, who get the chance to do what they love even though their own league is at a standstill, but there are some downsides to these guys playing abroad. When a …