First period thoughts

Zherdev is fun to watch. If he forms good chemistry with Carter, they will be dangerous. He’s fast and has good vision. Biggest standouts were the fringe guys: Nodl, Powe, Bartulis. Giroux and JvR looked good too. Well, Bartulis wasn’t great but he had his moments. I like Sean OD. Meh-zaros looked terrible to me. Not impressed. Leighton wasn’t tested much. He made one good save, or so it appeared from my angle. Didn’t notice Guerin or Richards much, outside of the penalty Richards took.

How will the Flyers make room for Bill Guerin?

It seems like a foregone conclusion that the Flyers plan on signing Bill Guerin. How will they manage to fit him under the cap and find a roster spot for him, though? Give your feedback in our poll below. If you choose “Other,” leave your answer in the comments.