What to do when your team is done:

1. Pick a new team to watch for the remainder of the playoffs. 2. Cry 3. Reassure yourself that it’s a rebuilding year and they did damn well to get as far as they did. 4. Cry 5. Remind yourself that they beat their rivals. 6. Cry 7. Whine about the referees all through the playoffs. 8. Cry 9. Take a deep breath and pray the offseason isn’t as traumatic as the last one. 10. Buy some tissues. It’s okay to cry a little.

The Lost Season

Nursing the heartbreak of a Stanley-Cup caliber Flyers season that came to a screeching halt with a stupefying early playoff exit is a rare and beautiful thing. Although the Flyers have prided themselves on not shitting the bed in the postseason after being near the top of the NHL standings, it has been known to occur every once in a blue moon. Like in the early 1980′s. Tucked in between the Year of the Streak that ended in a loss to the Islanders in the Finals and the Mike Keenan-led surprise 1985 Cup finalists, was four deeply disappointing years that saw a …