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The Eleventh Day of Claudemas: 11 over-the-top moments

Here we are in December with little to do in this tough lockout time. What’s a blog to do? Well, it looks like a 12 Days of Christmas-themed series of posts is the way to go. But, we realize that all of you hockey fans aren’t into Christmas, so we’ve named it after the man nicknamed Orange Jesus and called it Claudemas. So, forward we go with the count-up! On the eleventh day of Claudemas, Flyers Faithful gave to me…11 things in franchise history that were just a little bit louder and stranger than the maximum, because there’s a fine …

The roof is coming off the Spectrum again is reporting that the Spectrum roof will collapse today. So, let’s commemorate this moment with a few videos. The roof blows off the Spectrum The Harlem Globetrotters play on the Spectrum roof Update: Via Ike Richman: Minor technical problem with crane delays #TheSpectrum knock down until tomorrow. #Flyers #Sixers