Jaromír Jágr and new Sazka ad

Jaromír Jágr has lots of faces. He turned into Santa Claus one time. Now? I’ll keep this one a secret. Jaromír made another Sazka ad for Czech TV. He rides a scooter through the town. Notice the logo on the back of his scooter. He’s a delivery guy for a fictional company that refers to the Philadelphia Flyers. Two girls answer the doorbell when after rings it and they are surprised to see him. He salutes them and makes a familiar smile. There is a subtitle: “Win in Sportka and do only what you really enjoy”.

Jágr’s TV spot for Sazka

Jaromír Jágr has been famous in North America. But you can’t imagine how big of a deal is he in the Czech Republic. When Jágr bought his first team in his hometown of Kladno, he wanted to secure them from bankruptcy. HC Kladno had financial issues and there was a chance that they would be forced to sell their Extraliga license to another team from the minor league. (Note: Czech Extraliga isn’t “closed”. Teams can go down and up after each season. It depends on the rank and there’s a best-of-seven series between the lowest team from Extraliga and the highest …